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exciting and will make a big difference in cleaning up the river. no other city in the united states has done it before. we want to make sure the public and retailers have some time to get used to what they will be doing. >> this bag tax is expected to generate more than $3 million. if you are alone, part of the proceeds will go to the stores. the majority will go to clean up the an ta cost tee ya river. we are live at the safeway near dupont square. >>> it isn't the only new measure to arrive in 2010. there are changes dealing with everything from movie stars to cow tails. kevin tibbles explains. >> reporter: at the stroke of midnight, new hampshire became the fifth state to legalize same-sex marriage. about 15 midnight marriages took place. on the west coast, tough new rules for paparazzi who stalk celebrities. the new law championed by actress, jenfer aniston, will allow victims to sue the publishers of pictures obtained when traffic or other lay laws are broke dn. in illinois, at midnight, the bell tolls for those who do this while driving. distracted drivers who are texting are a gr
. >> travellers flying into the united states now face the possibility of more aggressive security screenings. the tsa put new policies into effect at midnight. passengers flying in from 14 nations mostly in the middle east and africa will be patted down and have their luggage hand searched. former cia search michael hay den say it's time for ordinary americans to make some tough choices. >> what's the balance the american people want between their privacy and their security? >>> all international travellers will see an increase in random screenings. >>> people were finally boarding planes, they are finally boarding planes at newark liberty international airport after a security breach that shut down travel there for several hours. a man walked through a checkpoint exit into the secure side of a terminal last night and disappeared into the crowd. officers had to immediately stop screening and look through surveillance tape to identify the man. . flights were grounded. hundreds of passengers had to be rescreened. the entire terminal was searched. nothing dangerous was found nor the fan found o
-old darius ray, a lance corporal in the united states marine corps, was murdered early saturday morning. police say the high school graduate was stabbed to death at a house party in northeast baltimore. ray had been a start athlete at mcgruder. he's seen here sacking the quarterback while playing for the football. he also played basketball and excelled in track. doug miller was his fooall coach. >> he was just a joy to coach and he was incredibly athletic. he holds school records from as far back as the early '70s for mcgruder high school in the long jump, the high jump, and the triple jump. a well-regarded athlete here. >> reporter: police released few details about ray's murder. they say he was at a party around 4:00 in the morning when there was an argument involving some uninvited guests that were asked to leave. police say some of those involved in the argument left and then at least one returned and stabbed ray in the upper body. he was pronounced dead an hour later. the news cams as a shock to coach miller. he says ray had a tough life. he was in and out of foster homes, but was
with food, water and medical supplies. a united states military assessment team is already on the ground there. now these camps are popping up in front of the presidential palace and in parking lots across the city. police use their pickup trucks to carry the injured, other survivors carried injured in whe wheelbarrows. >> this morning more money and manpower are on their way to haiti. here in dulles south red cross is deploying another team of volunteers. tracee wilkins joins us now live from the american red cross headquarters in northwest with more on the aid under way there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more money is heading there because of all of the donations that have been made by the americans. we can give you more information on how to do that. disaster response is important. the red cross is sending a team to haiti. in fact they just left a few minutes agoere from the american red cross headquarters in washington, d.c. american red cross volunteer responded from atlanta will head up a team assisting an initial damage assessment. their assessments will then red cros
talks with the united states. this morning, this the foreign ministry announced it is, quote, essential to conclude a peace treaty for terminating the state of war. north korea has said before that if a peace treaty was reached, it would resume national talks on ending its nuclear program. >> 5:07 at the time. 23 degrees. bad influences on the big screen. >> a surprising study of kirn's movies may be teaching children bad behavior. >>> plus, the unusually low temperatures have been devastating to crops. what changes you can expect to see at your local produce section. >>> and hang in there. there's finally good >>> good morning. it's time for weather and traffic. temperature right no in washington, down to 22 degrees. out of the mountains, it is below zero this morning. the tes in t eastern shore throughout much of the region, we have a clear sky here. there are clouds beginning to move in from the ohio valley into western west virginia. and there are a few snow showers out in ohio now. that disturbance will be coming through here early this evening. highs will reach the mid and upper 3
last night was no. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: a year in office, barack obama called for 2010 to be about jobs. >> people are out of work. they are hurting. they need our help. i want a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> reporter: the president defended bailing out banks. >> i hated it, you hated it. >> reporter: saying without it 10% unemployment would be left. republicans sat quietly as the president boosted he cut taxes for the middle class. >> i thought i would get some applause on that. >> reporter: gop lawmakers canned the speech. >> i was disappointed. you have to give the guy an incomplete. >> reporter: virginia's new governor said obama democrats are overreaching. >> today the federal government is simply trying to do too much. >> reporter: president obama stuck to his guns that big change is needed on health care reform. >> don't walk away from reform. >> reporter: and more. >> we don't quit. i don't quit. let's seize this moment. to start anew. to carry the dream forward. >> reporter: an appeal for results. the president admits are coming slower
with his top officials,000 better protect the united states. >>> the highs are still pretty low. the winds died down but the forecast remains frigid. good morning, welcome back to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >>> i'm joe krebs. it's the 5th day of 2010. 28 degrees at ronald reagan washington national airport. some flurries around the region. >> meteorologist tom kierein is here with the latest on all that and what it means for us. >> means you need to layer up this morning. i hope you got a nice warm wooly sweater for the holiday season because you'll need think it morning. as we look at the radar now we're getting a few flurries showing up and a few passing showers east of washington in prince george's and charles and anne arundel counties. some of those may be enough perhaps for a brief dusting, especially there on the beltway in prince george's county, watch out there could be perhaps a light dusting there that may cause some slick spots because temperatures are well below freezing. whatever is sticking to the ground isn't melting. it's now 28 in washington. wind chills are in the teens
. the united states would not be able to michael jackson tornado the freedom and security that we cherish without decades of service from the dedicated men and women of the cia. the agency declined to provide details on the casualties from the attack or the nature of the work terrify base. one of the victims, 37-year-old harold brown jr. lived in fairfax county, virginia. he is survived by his wife and threechildren, ages 2, 10 and 12. >> they just moved into our neighbor. the kids are some of the nicest kids. it's just, you know, really a shame that people all over the world are missing loved ones at a time we should be enjoying each other. >> reporter: at cia headquarters in langley, virginia, flags flew at half-staff. >>> no word yet on any funeral or memorial service plans for any of the victims. >>> intelligence sources are now looking at a connection between the man accused of air fare tempting to blow up a plane on christmas day and a muslim cleric linked to the accused fort hood gunman. the suspected bomber spoke with the cleric several times last fall. a classified report sent to
from relatives and friends in the united states. up to 100 haitians may flee the capital of port-au-prince. it's causing problems out in the country side where there are small rural communities unable to cope. now back to you. >>> after shocks aren't the only risk facing survivors and rescuers in haiti. rabid animals are a major threat. animal welfare groups are arriving to vaccinate stray dogs and maintain the health of livestock. >>> here in washington, there was a special mass to honor or remember those killed in haiti. yesterday at sacred heart catholic in northwest washington, worshippers carried candles honoring relatives and friends who died. the chaplain for the local haitian community survived the quake but has not been able to get out of the country. in a letter read to the parishioners at the service he said god has tested the haitian people and the haitian people reonded with unshaken faith. >>> a prince george'sounty man is arrested for robbing a bank in frederick and now investigators believe he's connected to seven other hold ups. all eight robberies happened in th
. >> that hearing gets underway at 10:00. live at the wilson building. back to you. >>> united states navy ship, the "comfort," has joined the relief efforts. it is a huge floating hospital, 19 operating rooms, an intensive care facility and hundreds of beds. a reporter from wamu is on the ship right now. joining me live on the phone. we saw the "comfort" leave baltimore harbor last week. how close are you to haiti? >> we're there. we are definitely there. we have been docked since early wednesday morning. we have been starting to take patients since before then. they actually flew pash glunts via helicopter from another ship, because these patients were critically ill. we are there. we had about 249 patients on board. i should say we but the ship is treating patients. we have 249 onboard right now. >> 249 patients on board. they talked about being able to treat, i think, 1,000 people all at once? >> yeah, that's right. the thing is that they are bringing patients in via helicopter. the helicopters can only hold about 11 people at a time. so there is no port that they can dock at that's deep an
apartments of cadmium in children's jewelry shipped to the united states. walmart decided to pull items suspected of containing cadmium from their store shelves yesterday. so far no injuries limbged to the july rye. cadmium is more dangerous than lead. >>> still ahead on "news4 today", privacy versus security what people really think about using those controversial body scanners. >> he's putting all his cards on the table. mark mcgwire admting what many have long suspected. >> from t salon to the courtroom, a celebrity stylist to testify about the so-called state dinner crashers. ♪ [ sniffs ] morning. you got in pretty late last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i told him when we talked last week. ♪ ...is folgers in your cup that's what i'm talking about. does your air greet you? say hello to new airwick imotion. it's the only scented oil with a motion sensor that sees you and says "hi back" with a boost of fresh scent
to the region personally delivering u.s. aid. >> the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter. >> reporter: but as the food, water and medical supplies make their way to those who need them the most it has become clear the massive relief effort still does not even come close to matching the need here. jay gray, nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti. >> the secretary of state hillary clinton has return and brought survivors back. she arrived at andrews air force base. she brought 22 americans who had been in haiti. she met with haiti's president during her one day trip. she assured him that the u.s. was committed to helping his country recover from this disaster. >>> and earthquake survivors are arriving from all over. yesterday some of the them arrived at the air reserve base in homestead, florida. they told stories of the horror in haiti. >> many people dead. >> officials say they were told to expect 1500 evacuees at bases around the country. >>> some local rescuers are being called heros for their efforts in haiti. members from fairfax county helped save a 29-year-old student who
the united states at the time. who can guarantee there wasn't another event about too happen on one of those flights as well. >> the u.s. is now trying to convince european nations to use more full body scanners. gordon brown has called for an international summit on terror in late january to talk about preventing future terrorist attacks. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >>> college football took center stage on new year's day. hakim dermish has your sports minutes. >>> we start with the grand daddy of them all, the rose bowl in pasadena. ohio state taking honoring gone. terrell pryor threw for tohdowns. it snaps a losing streak for ohio's state. it is the buckeye's first rose bowl win since 1997. penn state against lsu, 61 seconds to play, nittany lions down by one. colin wagner on from 21 yards down. penn state beats lsu, 19-17. hockey, flyers and bruins, game tied at 1 in overtime, patrick bergeron wins it. i am hakim dermish. have a great weekend. >>> 6:08 its your time, 27 degrees. the new place that cameras are keeping a watchful eye over you. russian vodka has suddenly doubled
weather hitting >>> one of the perks of being president of the united states, you can get out of jury duty. president obama's name appeared on a list in cook county, illinois. chicago sun times said it included his chicago address and was for a trial that begins today. the white house notified the court th the president will not be able to serve on jury duty. >>> rao personality don simpson is signing off 95.5 this week after 32 years on d.c. airwaves. the contract does not expire until march 2011 but his exit deal allows him to leave on friday. simpson will not be allowed to work at another station for 13 and a half months. low ratings are to blame for simpson leaving. he's been a host since 1993. 6:27 is your time. 60 degrees. a local attorney sprang into action when a passenger went crazy at 30,000 feet. the emotional homecoming for a local man after his brush with death in haiti. how he you survived a devastating earthquake. >>> power outages, trees down and traffic lights not working. we'll help >>> we're sorry to say it's a nasty start to the week. a storm with lots of rain and stron
the incident is about people not doing their job when their job is to protect the president of the united states. >> i think that in order for the president to look strong and to look as though he is in charge, that desiree rogers and mark sullivan who is head of the secret service should hand in their resignations. i'm sure they're both very bright and successful and competent people, but they made a major mistake. >> reporter: jackie bensen, "news4 today." >>> some in congress are calling for a larger investigation into the security breach. >>> district residents may soon get to decide who the city's attorney general is. the d.c. council approved legislation yesterday that requires the city's top lawyers to be elected, not appointed by the mayor. the council has been at odds with current attorney general peter nickels, a long-time friend of mayor adrian fenty. council members insist nichols is not the target of the bill. the mayor said he's not decided whether to sign the bill. >>> now to the race for mayor of the district. millionaire development don peebles says he will not run for of
chains, inflicted major losses on al qaeda's leadership, thwarted plots here in the united states, and saved countless american lives. >> and that was mike viqueira reporting. >>> some scary moments for passengers on board an air berlin flight. it skidded off the runway at an airport in western germany today. the pilot tried to abort a takeoff because of a technical problem. the plane braked, but slid right off the runway because of snowy conditions. no one was hurt and the plane wasn't even damaged. passengers were able to board another plane and take off for their destinations. >>> heads up for metro riders. expect at least 30-minute train delays starting tonight due to track maintenance. metro will be performing track work every night through thursday. trains will be single tracking on the red line between medical center and grovener metro stations from 8:00 p.m. until midnight and on the blue line from stadium armory and addison road metro stations from 9:00 p.m. until midnight. metro is giving 42 stations a facelift over the next year and a half. the cleanings and new paint j
survive the quake in haiti are gipping to return to the united states. members of a church in calvert county arrived back home early yesterday morning. they were on a mission trip when the quake struck. news 4's john triffe. has more on their story. >> reporter: clutching her rose sear beads, cecilia peck remembers the nightmare she endured in haiti. >> it is like a war happened there. >> reporter: she is one of ten missionaries that went to the country to help take care of children. they have made this trip twice before. on tuesday, this third visit went terribly wrong. >> the earth started to shake. all the safety and security for the compound started to crumble. >> reporter: back here in maryland, the pastor was worried sick about his missionaries. he knew they were still alive, because he was receiving updates from their text messages. father daniel leary, whose sister and niece were also on the trip, vividly remembers one of the conversations. >> i said, how are you doing? the text came back, the children are really helping us. i texted back, what a great paradox. i thought you w
project in the united states of america today. i rinded my colleagues that fdr built pennsylvania avenue and constitutional avenue during the great depression. if you want to build this, this is the time to build it. got the first billion dollars out for that. and all under my subcommittee chairmanship and yet there was more because we were rehabilitating buildings in all 50 states, all the territories. we're a federal city. that means we have a disproportionate number of federal buildings and i was able to get money for rehabilitation, upgrading federal buildings here, very substantial remaking of federal buildings here. 15 buildings. add it all up that's $3.5 billion in stimulus funding for the district of columbia that had to be the overriding goal at a time when our employment rate, as i see it is approaching 12%. >> let's talk about jobs and specifically you mentioned the new headquarters for the homeland security department. how many jobs are we talking about there and construction leading up to it too? >> very important point, jim. because this project will feed the d.c. economy f
, rather than they do about the next -- >> the president of the united states. roup to americans, tomorrow night. >> this morning congress' budge i arms comes out with what's expected to be more bad news from rising deficits. even his allies acknowledge the president's spending freeze would only make a dent in it. live on capitol hill, brooke hart. >> thank you. >>> happening today, high speed transportation kicks off at dulles ternational airport. the brand-new $1 opinion 5 billion train system opens to the public this morning. the trains are designed to get passengers from the main terminal to their gates within 72 seconds. they will run every two minutes during peak hours. >>> the system replaces those old mobile lounge vehicles that currently shuttle passengers across the runways. about half of those mobile lounges or people movers will remain in service for the near future. >>> getting from d.c. to new york city on a budget is now even more convenient. yesterday's three bus companies began new service from union station to the big apple. one of them is now offering four daily round tr
of trying to blow up an airplane heading to the united states will go before a federal judge today. this appearance comes one day after the president announced steps to shore up airline security and lay the blame for what went wrong squarely on himself. brooke hart is live on capitol hill this morning. she has more on th. >> reporter: the president said too many people failed in order for him to single out one person for firing. even said he's more inned in fixing the problem that want led to wha he's called a nearly catastrophic government screw up. for the first time since those grainy pictures christmas day today we'll see umar farouk abdulmutallab arraigned at a snowy federal courthouse in detroit. his family from nigeria there to watch. police on guard. the 23-year-old is charged with trying to kill 289 people, using explosives sewn into his clothes. >> ultimately the buck stops with me. >> reporter: after releasing a review of the intelligence break down president obama ordered new steps. broader grounds for adding names to watch list and a review of visa policy. one senior o
includes the camry which is the best-selling car in the united states. >>> president obama is expected to focus on the economy in his first state o the union address. according to gnaw nbc news "wall street journal" poll, 51% of americans think the president has given the economy too little attention. you can watch the address right here tonight on nbc4 starting at 9:00. >>> a very sad morning for one virginia family that held out hope their daughter was still alive. today authorities in charlottesville say they're confident the remains found in a field are those of 20-year-old morgan herrington. news4's kimberly suiters joins us with developments. >> the president of virginia tech sent out the letter letting students know they can get counseling at virginia tech. morgan harringtonisappeared in october after attending a metallica concert. autopsy results are expected to day. authorities do say they are sure they found the remains of herrington. evidence was discovered tuesday in a remote farm field about ten miles from the venue. >> i was checking the fences and i thought i saw a dead
a look outside. clear skies. cold temperatures. a beautiful picture of e united states capitol. snow free at this hour. >> but for how long, tom? that's what everybody wants to kn? >> tomorrow morning we may be telling you about school delays and travel problems. right now no difficulties. a winter weather advisory in effect. all these counties filled with color and inclouds howard, montgomery, loudoun counties and points north and wet for late tonight and into midday tomorrow. temperatures around region are cold this morning. wind chills in the teens. winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. 20 to 30 degrees. mostly clear from the blue ridge to eastern shore. blue ridge west mostly cloudy. as the day progresses mostly clear. sunrise at 7:27. sunset at 5:02. metro area some light snow developing before midnight. then could get heavier by this time tomorrow morning. as it does move through and end we may have total amounts of one to two inches across northern virginia, district up towards baltimore, me west and north, more in the mountains not as much further south and east. jerry, how is the t
, but communication is still very sketchy. for haitians living in the united states, these are very tense times as they await word of loved ones. joseph moses has been unable to get in contact with his mother. he's not sure if she's okay or not. >> we're trying to call everywhere, trying to call everybody we know to see if we know where she's at. we don't know. right now, i didn't sleep all night. i'm waiting to find out if she's okay. >> yes, yes. how are you? >> reporter:odus and rid her are members of humans united for action a group out of silver spring. his uncle owns a school near the epicenter of the quake. he has reports that the school was leveled, but he has not yet learned of his uncle's fate. >> so far we have not been in contact with him because there's no line of communication in haiti right now. >> you don't know if he's okay? >> i'm crossing my fingers. i don't know if he's okay. >> reporter: the group wants to help, and they hope to bring food and clothing into hai by flying into santa domingo and driving over the border. >> right now we're in contact with our community leaders
.s.n.s. comfort" is expected to stay there for several months. the comfort is a state-of-the-art facility. it's a shock trauma unit. the ship is staffed with 900 doctors, nurses and technicians who can treat as many as 1,000 patients at a time. >>> now to the latest on a developing story in central virginia. police say they're closing in on a man accused of shooting eight people to death and almost taking down a police helicopter. this violence all unfolded in appomattox, about 200 miles from d.c. at this point police will only say the suspect was acquainted with his victims. evrod cassimy is on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: a massive manhunt has had authorities here in central virginia tied up for most of the night as they searched for a gunman who killed eight people here in appomattox county t. main suspect is 39-year-old christopher speight. it also started around noon yesterday as police responded to a man found down in the road. as they arrived they heard a gunshot and found one man shot in the street, seven others dead in and outside a nearby home. they spent most of the nigh
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